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About Sean Li

My name is Sean Li, and I am studying in marketing major at Vancouver island university. I would be your Online Marketing agent which means that I:

  • bring endless energy and contagious passion to my work
  • instill team motivation as both strategic leader and tactical contributor
  • catalyze creative ideas and solutions
  • deliver immediate, lasting results in evolving spaces

Specifically, my expertise and passion lie in brand marketing, digital marketing, e-Commerce, online retailing, social media and personal branding.

My Education:
  •  High school – grade 12 2011 (China)
  •  Graduate College in Marketing (China)
  •  ESL. VIU Dec.2014
  •  Currently taking BBA in marketing
My Work Experience:
  •  Sold Gym Card in China (Jul.2009 to Aug. 2009).
  •  Serving in Qingdao China (Sept. 2011 to May. 2012).
  •  Built a team to sold CBA (China Basketball Association) tickets (Oct. 2012 to Mar.2013).
  •  As the Teaching Assistant of New Oriental Education & Technology Group.
  •  Sold Club membership Card in China (Apr. 2014 to Aug.2014).




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