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Tips for improving your website SEO



As most of companies want their websites could be found online, they do not need to make it happen. There are two major ways to increase the websites rank on the search list. First, no‑advertising approach based on website best practices and search engine guidelines – known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – or a paid advertising approach that displays results based how much you’ve paid for keywords – known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Varty, 2013).

There are some tips for improve websites SEO.


Generally speaking, a keyword is that the word company think is the most likely put into a search engine to find the website. Don’t make the keyword complex. Company should think about what the customers think and use the simplest word. . If you use obscure words, define them. Otherwise, just use natural language (Karch, 2014). Company also can cheek Google Trends to see the whether the phrase become more popular or not.

Home page/Landing page

The homepage of the web-as we all know is the landing page. Try to imagine, the customer click the link, the first thing come out is the home page. So, a well-designed homepage plays an important role in improving SEO. Trying to embed the keyword into the homepage. Make sure the design is clean, intuitive and easy to navigate so that they can take action right away.


One of the biggest factor influence the rank of websites on the searching list is that the hyperlink. Use Google as example, Google looks at the words used in links to help determine the content of the webpage. Company can improve the rank by exchanging text links with other relevant websites (Karch, 2014).

Social Networking

Social networking can be related to Social Media Optimization (SMO). Links shared in other networks drive website traffic and people are more likely to purchase when services and products are recommended by friends (Varty, 2013).

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