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Why are social networks are so popular now?


The increasingly numbers of people use social networks in the recent years. As the statistics from Facebook official website, 829 million daily active user on average in one day.   Social networks offer different categories of services to customers. Such as, getting people to recognize new people, share status with linked people, and gathering huge information.

A good video for explaining why Facebook and Myspace are so popular.

There are some reasons for the popularity of social networks.


  1. User friendly

Almost of the social networks own clear interfaces. These websites no need too much knowledge of the Internet. For example, Facebook accounts could be applied to other social network websites. By this way, customers are easy to access and get rid of hassle for registration. As for the homepage of Facebook, well-organized navigation gives user more choice to do what they want to do (customize content for themselves).

  1. Use for free

Most of social networks websites are free to use. Such as, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As we all know, almost of social networks is making money from advertisement. In addition, they sell extra services and products, including games and other application (, 2014).

  1. Chances to meet new people

Social networks offer many opportunities to meet new people from all over the word. By using social network, people can open their friend circles and gather more opportunities in their life. For example, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professional career. A huge number of people got their job from relationship on the LinkedIn.

  1. Information sharing

The main purpose of setting up social networks is that exchange and share resources. On the website, people post their photos, blog, status and other resources on their personal homepages. For example, Facebook can be platform for document sharing. User could upload document to websites and also can download other document on the website.

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