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How Uber change the transportation.


Uber, it is a really hot word recently. It changes the way to travel. It was five years old; the market has expanded to 58 countries and 311 cities in global, whose value has reached $40 billion.

If you have a smart phone with Uber, you would be a driver to earn money. Such a low threshold based on the network marketing. At the beginning of the operation it didn’t get very good effect. Then Uber invited many stars as Uber driver, and then put the video on the Internet. This became to a hot topic rapidly. People who watch the video downloads this app and try to use it, because they also hope to have close contact with the stars.

When the craze was gone gradually. Uber put the big advertisement on their website— Uber plane and Uber boat.This became the hot topic of people in the Internet quickly. They left the comments under the Uber homepage on Facebook. Uber‘s videos are reproduced in crazy.c1_595936_150618063809_620x413

Although Uber has always been controversial software comes with a variety of topics, it can’t stop steps of development. In 2014, Uber has a really interesting activity. Silicon Valley managers pick up passengers and have 7 minutes interview and take the passengers to home in the end. Young people are excited for this information and Uber usage and click-through rates were rising rapidly. With these activities, Uber is popular in young group suddenly. O2O is the most popular way to do E-marketing. Uber could be successful because of following the principle. Uber does not have its own car. He used a network software platform to earn money. They use user experience instead of marketing. Everyone who surfs on the Internet is the marketing person for Uber.


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