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The “happiness” of Coke with E-marketing


When talking about online marketing, the first brand pops in my mind is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is one of the famous beverage companies in the world. The E-marketing investment of the company in a great proportion annually. Spending on the E-marketing also bring direct economic benefits to the Coca-Cola. We are surrounded by Coca-Cola which became to a popular keyword in every website. You will find millions of results when you google “Coca-Cola” or “coke”.

If you are a big fan of YouTube, you should always find coke’s videos on it. Although you are not mean to watch, you would watch them all the time. Coke’s videos always showed before the video you are willing to watch. When it comes to YouTube, we have to talk about some thing about Facebook and twitter, the popular SNS. There are tons of Facebook and twitter users share videos, pictures or news every single minute.Therefore, coke creates lots of interesting videos and uploads to YouTube.


Once people watch it and feel fun, they would share and leave their comments. The happiness-machine is a successful example. Coke set up a special vending machine in the dinning hall of school. Everyone who bought coke got a big surprise. Someone got a steady flow of free coke. Someone got pieces of pizza. Someone even got a huge sandwich. And everyone who got the free coke or foods also share with people surrounded and spread happiness to everyone. This is match with Coke’s slogan. And every moment was caught and recorded by cameras. The editing video was reproduced rapidly. People who watched this video could remember it rapidly and could get happiness as well.

There are many similar videos from coke on the Internet. Coke has rose public awareness of the brand by these videos. It doesn’t cost that much money for those adverting, because it all relies on internet. But the speed of spearing is fast! Like my last article posted, the characteristics of the network has spread fast but cost is low. And everyone can get those information whenever in anywhere, no matter video or picture. As long as the content is attractive enough, it will spread like a virus to the world.share_a_coke-blog-full

Coke not only depends on videos but also has homepage on every SNS. Coke invites people subscribe the homepage and join in every activities posted on the homepage. The domain of Coca-Cola is really clearly and easy to searching. Take Canada as an example, the domain of coke is “”. It is using these sites to organize a series of activities and interact with the masses. It had a activity called “share a coke” which became to a popular topic. The “Share a Coke” campaign — which features the sale of bottles whose logos have been replaced with popular names among teens and Millennial — has generated steadily growing online buzz, particularly on Instagram, Coke says. Coca-Cola successfully takes their products concept, corporate culture, and product ideas to all over the world by Internet. And coke leave a good impression in everyone’s mind.

Not every company has money to do the great advertising, but aimed at your target audience and boldly tries some different things. As long as it is different and fresh, it would spread on the Internet rapidly.


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