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The Product in The Age of Information—Online Marketing


UnknownWith E-technology developing, the relationship between people and Internet is more closely. Then online marketing has become to a big part of commercial. In the era of network market, the development and application of Internet technology has changed the way to distribute and accept information.

Online marketing has broken the traditional marketing model, which makes people get information easier and faster. Companies can quickly spread the product even sold on the website, social networking platform or online shopping. Compare with traditional business, online marketing has many advantages.

  • The target audience is accurately and pertinence is high. It could connect with target customer directly. People who click the information are the interested.
  • The cost of advertising has decrease and content could change easily. For traditional media, information that posted on is hard to change. But like online marketing, decision makers could update according to the market or ideas at any time.
  • It can communicate directly with the target group, and reach different sales purpose to get accurate analysis.
  • Promote diversity. The online marketing has a variety of forms for promotion. Using the Internet platform and social media to promote products and corporate culture. Making a propaganda point and achieve good publicity effect.
  • Strong senses. Online marketing runs on the multimedia basically, target customers can interact with brand, and the product in the form of graphic audio-visual content delivery to the customer

Timageshe function of E-marketing needs one or more online marketing methods. And these methods include search engine, keywords search, online advertising, blog marketing, exchanging links, information release and so on. Companies are using these methods to connect the products with information social environments are an exciting and important development changing the dynamics of markets and firms. The collective implications derived from this recent stream of research are useful to senior marketing executives tasked with managing and leveraging their firms’ social media programs.


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