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Why Taobao is the King in online shopping market in China.

Online shopping is a product with theTaobao+(3)development of social informatization in the modern society.
Online shopping as a new type of consumption patterns, and favored by more and more consumers.
There are a lot of online shopping website in the world, like Amazon and eBay. Alibaba, however, as a nova plays an important role in the online marketing. And Taobao is an important part of Alibaba.

Taobao has many sources of revenue which include advertising, taobao store, pay treasure, express cost, shop decoration template cost, consumer deposit and promotion commission. People can browse products in any places and put their favorite things in the shopping cart. With the advent of o2o, tabao combine the online product and offline delivery greatly. And the entire basic features are free. People can join it easily.


China is the biggest online market. More and more Chinese consumers put products that from all over the worldin the shopping cart. There are over 3 billion Internet users in the world, and number of Chinese citizens accounted for 20%. Amazon and eBay have tried to occupy the Chinese market, but all ended in failure.

Why Taobao can instead of them as the core of China’s online shopping?

  • Taking eBay as an example. The website differs from similarly structured eBay in two major regards. Firstly, the items sold on it are predominantly new and not used. Secondly, there is no setup fee or per transaction fee charged. This fee-free model has made it imensely popular among users in China. The website generates revenue by offering advertising and other services that help the seller stand out from a crowd of other sellers. Merchant advertisements appear with product search results. To add to this, when Tmall was launched there was a change in the revenue model. Targeted towards bigger sellers, there are several fees charged including a deposit, an annual fee and a per transaction commission.a4264f6b

And a good web design also can get many users. The products on tabao are clearly, and all in formation detailed. People who bought the products could leave the comment or post the pictures. Also it strengthens the user to interact with businesses. The main one is AliWangWang, the Alibaba’s chat. This tool has 2 main advantages. The first one is that Taobao proposes mostly fixed prices and only few auctions (on the contrary of eBay). It means that people can negotiate prices with sellers. The second advantage is that people can directly ask their questions about the product to the seller or asking for assistance.



The “happiness” of Coke with E-marketing

When talking about online marketing, the first brand pops in my mind is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is one of the famous beverage companies in the world. The E-marketing investment of the company in a great proportion annually. Spending on the E-marketing also bring direct economic benefits to the Coca-Cola. We are surrounded by Coca-Cola which became to a popular keyword in every website. You will find millions of results when you google “Coca-Cola” or “coke”.

If you are a big fan of YouTube, you should always find coke’s videos on it. Although you are not mean to watch, you would watch them all the time. Coke’s videos always showed before the video you are willing to watch. When it comes to YouTube, we have to talk about some thing about Facebook and twitter, the popular SNS. There are tons of Facebook and twitter users share videos, pictures or news every single minute.Therefore, coke creates lots of interesting videos and uploads to YouTube.


Once people watch it and feel fun, they would share and leave their comments. The happiness-machine is a successful example. Coke set up a special vending machine in the dinning hall of school. Everyone who bought coke got a big surprise. Someone got a steady flow of free coke. Someone got pieces of pizza. Someone even got a huge sandwich. And everyone who got the free coke or foods also share with people surrounded and spread happiness to everyone. This is match with Coke’s slogan. And every moment was caught and recorded by cameras. The editing video was reproduced rapidly. People who watched this video could remember it rapidly and could get happiness as well.

There are many similar videos from coke on the Internet. Coke has rose public awareness of the brand by these videos. It doesn’t cost that much money for those adverting, because it all relies on internet. But the speed of spearing is fast! Like my last article posted, the characteristics of the network has spread fast but cost is low. And everyone can get those information whenever in anywhere, no matter video or picture. As long as the content is attractive enough, it will spread like a virus to the world.share_a_coke-blog-full

Coke not only depends on videos but also has homepage on every SNS. Coke invites people subscribe the homepage and join in every activities posted on the homepage. The domain of Coca-Cola is really clearly and easy to searching. Take Canada as an example, the domain of coke is “”. It is using these sites to organize a series of activities and interact with the masses. It had a activity called “share a coke” which became to a popular topic. The “Share a Coke” campaign — which features the sale of bottles whose logos have been replaced with popular names among teens and Millennial — has generated steadily growing online buzz, particularly on Instagram, Coke says. Coca-Cola successfully takes their products concept, corporate culture, and product ideas to all over the world by Internet. And coke leave a good impression in everyone’s mind.

Not every company has money to do the great advertising, but aimed at your target audience and boldly tries some different things. As long as it is different and fresh, it would spread on the Internet rapidly.


The Product in The Age of Information—Online Marketing

UnknownWith E-technology developing, the relationship between people and Internet is more closely. Then online marketing has become to a big part of commercial. In the era of network market, the development and application of Internet technology has changed the way to distribute and accept information.

Online marketing has broken the traditional marketing model, which makes people get information easier and faster. Companies can quickly spread the product even sold on the website, social networking platform or online shopping. Compare with traditional business, online marketing has many advantages.

  • The target audience is accurately and pertinence is high. It could connect with target customer directly. People who click the information are the interested.
  • The cost of advertising has decrease and content could change easily. For traditional media, information that posted on is hard to change. But like online marketing, decision makers could update according to the market or ideas at any time.
  • It can communicate directly with the target group, and reach different sales purpose to get accurate analysis.
  • Promote diversity. The online marketing has a variety of forms for promotion. Using the Internet platform and social media to promote products and corporate culture. Making a propaganda point and achieve good publicity effect.
  • Strong senses. Online marketing runs on the multimedia basically, target customers can interact with brand, and the product in the form of graphic audio-visual content delivery to the customer

Timageshe function of E-marketing needs one or more online marketing methods. And these methods include search engine, keywords search, online advertising, blog marketing, exchanging links, information release and so on. Companies are using these methods to connect the products with information social environments are an exciting and important development changing the dynamics of markets and firms. The collective implications derived from this recent stream of research are useful to senior marketing executives tasked with managing and leveraging their firms’ social media programs.


How Uber change the transportation.

Uber, it is a really hot word recently. It changes the way to travel. It was five years old; the market has expanded to 58 countries and 311 cities in global, whose value has reached $40 billion.

If you have a smart phone with Uber, you would be a driver to earn money. Such a low threshold based on the network marketing. At the beginning of the operation it didn’t get very good effect. Then Uber invited many stars as Uber driver, and then put the video on the Internet. This became to a hot topic rapidly. People who watch the video downloads this app and try to use it, because they also hope to have close contact with the stars.

When the craze was gone gradually. Uber put the big advertisement on their website— Uber plane and Uber boat.This became the hot topic of people in the Internet quickly. They left the comments under the Uber homepage on Facebook. Uber‘s videos are reproduced in crazy.c1_595936_150618063809_620x413

Although Uber has always been controversial software comes with a variety of topics, it can’t stop steps of development. In 2014, Uber has a really interesting activity. Silicon Valley managers pick up passengers and have 7 minutes interview and take the passengers to home in the end. Young people are excited for this information and Uber usage and click-through rates were rising rapidly. With these activities, Uber is popular in young group suddenly. O2O is the most popular way to do E-marketing. Uber could be successful because of following the principle. Uber does not have its own car. He used a network software platform to earn money. They use user experience instead of marketing. Everyone who surfs on the Internet is the marketing person for Uber.



WeChat_Ft~1Mobile phone is a very common thing for modern people. With the advent of smart phones, a series of mobile phone applications also arises at the historic moment. Wechat is one of those apps. Since 2011, Tencent launched the first edition of WeChat, it has changed the Chinese way of life. Since the 21st century, the figure of Chinese who under the Internet and smartphone penetration straight up and become the world’s highest. WeChat also earned a huge economic benefit for Tencent from the huge economic group.

As an app of MIM, the basic function of WeChat is instant messaging, but people can use Wechat not only for messages to each other. Simply speaking, Wechat is an app, which mix WhatsApp and Facebook together. WeChat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice message, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video confrencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos, and location sharing. It has quickly become one of the Chinese essential software in daily life. So WeChat has huge users usage because of those functions.

As people think WeChatmaxresdefault-1024x576 would be like this, WeChat has continued to launch a series of commercial sector, like Public Accounts, Online payment function, My Wallet and so on. Regardless of the size of the companies in WeChat opened public accounts, such as Montblanc, McDonald’s and Pepsi. Burberry has also been using WeChat as well. They took Wechat behind the London runway show. When fans sent Burberry a text message, the brand instantly responded with a virtual plaque engraved with their name.” This campaign gave fans a first-hand experience of whatit is like behind the scenes of one of the most well known fashion shows. These functions not only provide a new platform for big brands, but also take business users and WeChat bundled together.

The red envelope has always been a Chinese tradition, especially during the Spring Festival. During 2014 Chinese Spring Festival, Chinese WeChat users sent out millions cash-filled red envelops. The money sent out was saved in everyone’s personal purse, which based on WeChat platform. In another word, Wechat became to a bank. Like selling gift card, WeChat acquired a lot of cash flow in a short time. WeChat just won 5 million bank accounts in two days.

WeChat successively introduced more features, like taxi calling, plane ticket and train tickets ordered, Wechat pay (similar as Apple pay), etc. It also derived a series of c2c marketing mode, called Wechat business. WeChat using network platform and information technology, fully combine the finance and business with mobile communications software. This is already bringing in droves of new users for WeChat’s in-app payment service, as the blog Tech in Asia points out. With the rising popularity of smartphones and liberalization of payment services, the sector is positioned for further growth in the coming years.


Why are social networks are so popular now?

The increasingly numbers of people use social networks in the recent years. As the statistics from Facebook official website, 829 million daily active user on average in one day.   Social networks offer different categories of services to customers. Such as, getting people to recognize new people, share status with linked people, and gathering huge information.

A good video for explaining why Facebook and Myspace are so popular.

There are some reasons for the popularity of social networks.


  1. User friendly

Almost of the social networks own clear interfaces. These websites no need too much knowledge of the Internet. For example, Facebook accounts could be applied to other social network websites. By this way, customers are easy to access and get rid of hassle for registration. As for the homepage of Facebook, well-organized navigation gives user more choice to do what they want to do (customize content for themselves).

  1. Use for free

Most of social networks websites are free to use. Such as, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As we all know, almost of social networks is making money from advertisement. In addition, they sell extra services and products, including games and other application (, 2014).

  1. Chances to meet new people

Social networks offer many opportunities to meet new people from all over the word. By using social network, people can open their friend circles and gather more opportunities in their life. For example, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professional career. A huge number of people got their job from relationship on the LinkedIn.

  1. Information sharing

The main purpose of setting up social networks is that exchange and share resources. On the website, people post their photos, blog, status and other resources on their personal homepages. For example, Facebook can be platform for document sharing. User could upload document to websites and also can download other document on the website.

Tips for improving your website SEO


As most of companies want their websites could be found online, they do not need to make it happen. There are two major ways to increase the websites rank on the search list. First, no‑advertising approach based on website best practices and search engine guidelines – known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – or a paid advertising approach that displays results based how much you’ve paid for keywords – known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Varty, 2013).

There are some tips for improve websites SEO.


Generally speaking, a keyword is that the word company think is the most likely put into a search engine to find the website. Don’t make the keyword complex. Company should think about what the customers think and use the simplest word. . If you use obscure words, define them. Otherwise, just use natural language (Karch, 2014). Company also can cheek Google Trends to see the whether the phrase become more popular or not.

Home page/Landing page

The homepage of the web-as we all know is the landing page. Try to imagine, the customer click the link, the first thing come out is the home page. So, a well-designed homepage plays an important role in improving SEO. Trying to embed the keyword into the homepage. Make sure the design is clean, intuitive and easy to navigate so that they can take action right away.


One of the biggest factor influence the rank of websites on the searching list is that the hyperlink. Use Google as example, Google looks at the words used in links to help determine the content of the webpage. Company can improve the rank by exchanging text links with other relevant websites (Karch, 2014).

Social Networking

Social networking can be related to Social Media Optimization (SMO). Links shared in other networks drive website traffic and people are more likely to purchase when services and products are recommended by friends (Varty, 2013).

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